Jane Eyre


Gans:  Gans Charlotte Brontë
trailyer:  Nicholas Williams
Dyller:  Evertype

This classic coming-of-age novel explores the the emotions and experiences of a young woman, from her difficult and abusive childhood, through her growth to adulthood and her discovery of love for Mr. Rochester, the master of Thornfield Hall. In its internalization of the action-the focus is on the gradual unfolding of Jane’s moral and spiritual sensibility, and all the events are coloured by a heightened intensity that was previously the domain of poetry-Jane Eyre revolutionized the art of fiction. Charlotte Brontë has been called the “first historian of the private con­sciousness” and the literary ancestor of writers like Marcel Proust and James Joyce. The novel contains elements of social criticism, with a strong sense of Christian morality at its core, and is considered by many to be ahead of its time given the individualistic character of Jane and the novel’s exploration of classism, sexuality, religion, and proto-feminism.

ISBN: 978-1-78201-278-8.     K.S.